MBA Scholarships at IMD Business School

IMD is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, based in Lausanne, Switzerland and in Singapore. Its mission is to help develop the global leaders the world will need tomorrow, with focus on individual, teams and organization processes and goals. IMD history starts in 1946, when Centre d’Etudes Industrielles was founded, continues with the launch of the first EMBA program in 1998 and with the opening of Southeast Asia Executive Learning Center in Singapore in 2015.

Its commitment to provide high quality education is proven by the financial support it offers to students, in forms of scholarships, loans and grants. Scholarships are offered based on merit or financial need. The maximum financial need per student is of 65000 CHF.

Scholarships application process end on 30 September 2017 and consists in writing a personal essay using the IMD MBA scholarship template and in completing the MBA Financial aid application form. The templates can be downloaded from this web page. All documents must be send to can apply to more than one scholarship, but only one of them can be awarded. These are the scholarships available for students this year:

MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets (200 000 CHF), dedicated to students from developing countries, with good academic results and a stable career evolution.

The CORO Foundation Scholarship (85 000 CHF) , offered to Danish students. Applicants must write an essay arguing why they should be selected for the MBA program and how they can contribute to it.

Staton Scholarship (50 000 CHF)– awarded to South American students, except for Brazil.

Jim Ellert Scholarship (20 000 CHF) – granted to students from Central/Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Asian Peninsula and Africa.

IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships (30 000 CHF) – offered to 3 students who prove to have an exceptional leadership potential and abilities.

IMD MBA Merit Scholarship (10 000 CHF) – offered to 5 students chosen by the Admission Committee, based on their merits demonstrated during the admission process.

You can find out more about the rest of the available scholarships at IMD by accessing this link.

If you find the IMD MBA programs to expensive and still want to pursue a degree program in this domain, you can always take into consideration the option of online masters degrees. Many online universities offer distance learning courses in the business administration domain. Today, online masters degrees are recognized just as valuable as traditional ones, as distance learning courses become a normal part of education. Higher education does not have to be expensive in order to be of good quality, and more and more employees acknowledge this.