The ASO is offering a scholarship to study an Israeli course.

The ASO, with the help of Galilee International Management Institute – Israel also called GIMI, is offering scholarships to America’s participants to join their courses about Health System Management dictated in Spanish and HIV Community Management dictated in French.

To participate on this scholarship program, students must send all required documents online until de first day of September, and be a citizen from an ASO nation. This isn’t a degree program, it is a course that will add up knowledges to your career path.

Being part of an online course about health system management will allow a person to look for employment as a manager of a hospital department or other health service center. This course will combine topics related to health like epidemiology, and topics related to business like leadership skills.

Israel is the second most educated country! Its in-site universities and online universities are ranked at the top 100 worldwide. You’ll receive quality education. Also, Israel is student-friendly! It’s pretty cheap compared to other countries, the perfect place for students: travel and food costs are inexpensive!

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Hebrew, Israelis speak English because of their online universities and the courses are taught in Spanish and French so, Hebrew won’t be a problem. But, it would be a shame if you leave the country without learning at least a few words.

Traveling to Israel will show you that this country is actually pretty developed! Startups and big companies, such as Wix or Fiverr, are placed at this nation. Also, the medical sector is trustful, studying abroad there will guaranteed a unique experience. Its amazing past and culture will make you fall in love with the nation.

The scholarship will cover all fees, including material needed; and $3,000 to the best candidates to help them cover personal fees. The juror needs all academic (degree programs that the student have) and professional merits, and those who write the best essay describing how their contribution on the program would change their home nation will be taken on account.

Also, it is necessary a recommendation letter of a university professor. The essay must have between 800 and 2,900 letters; and their CV.

Participating on this scholarship program is quite a experience for those who are willing to travel abroad to not only know more about a country but also to exchange knowledge about a relevant theme like the ones from the courses. This program is perfect for global citizen, leaders and activist people who wants to change their hometown, nation and even the world.